The things we put on our faces! From creams to make-up, it’s a wonder we all don’t suffer from consistent red-face. The beauty industry is huge– $56.2 billion huge actually- and influences most every one on the planet. Even if you think you avoid it, things such as oral care and deodorant are all part of this huge market! We all contribute!  Unfortunately, this industry is a little…. sneaky. Most of their products actually cause the things they’re fighting or protecting against, making us buy more of it. Weird, huh? Specifically in the health and beauty industry, many products CAUSE what we’re trying to prevent! To protect yourself from this sabotage, here are a list of products to be suspicious of and some all-natural beauty alternatives!


Acne Treatments

Acne is a huge problem in the world, especially for teens and young adults. The OTC products we use to fight it, most of which contain salicylic acid, can work wonders for some. However, that acid strips your skin of a lot of healthy minerals and bacteria, leaving your skin dry.

Having dry skin seems to be better than having oily skin, but unfortunately, over-drying your skin actually makes it more oily! And can cause more zits! YUCK. The best way to defend against this problem is to use products with benzoyl peroxide, a less harmful chemical, or to put a type of probiotic on your face to balance out the skin’s natural processes.


Hair treatments

Get this- most shampoos and conditioners can dry out your hair. Which, much like the acne treatments, cause your hair to become oily much faster… making you wash it more often… making you buy more shampoo. See how trend? How devastating! The truth is, our hair only needs to be washed about 3 times per week. Please note: you still must shower every day, but getting your hair wet and washing it are two completely different things! Water is one of our favorite all-natural beauty alternatives, but it can’t supplement for soap forever! However, not washing your hair as much will help re-balance your hair’s microbiome, making its washes last longer!



Not too surprising here, but heavy makeups, like foundations and mascaras, are actually relatively bad for your skin. Foundations, while covering up blemishes, can actually make matters worse. Most foundations contain bad oils and can cause sebum to pack into your covered up pores. Likewise, mascara is actually pretty bad for you, too. The brushes on mascaras are typically germ-ridden and can irritate your eyes and lashes, actually making them fall out! All in all, when it come to make up, less is DEFINITELY more. Look for foundations that are oil free and mascara that isn’t too chunky. This will help keep the balance on your skin and keep the lashes free to flutter!


All-Natural Beauty Alternatives: A life (and money) saver!

Overall, it can be scary to actually read the back of your health and beauty products. However, reading is believing, and we need you to know that you can take control of what goes on your body! Look for these and other all-natural beauty alternatives through our blog!