Bacteria can be both good and bad. Without bacteria, we would die, but some bacteria could kill us. They play an important role in supporting our bodily functions, educating our immune system, supporting our digestive and respiratory tracts, and protecting us against the bad bacteria that make us sick (so-called pathogens).

The beneficial bacteria and other live microorganisms, or so-called probiotics, can have a “significant effect on the alleviation of infectious diseases in children and other high-risk groups” (FAO/WHO 2002). But still, good bacteria are less known than the pathogenic ones, as these can cause illness and death.

But you should knot that most microbes do not cause disease – only less than 5% do. And there are also many microorganisms that could be called neutral, as they simply follow the crowd. This is why it is so important to introduce positive bacteria to your system and in this way set the agenda and put the crowd to work for you rather than against you.