spring-breakWe’ve been prepping all summer to hit that beach or pool in confidence. We’ve changed our lifestyle, watched our diet, and maybe even dabbled in some exercises in between Winter and Spring holidays (who else is still feeling that Easter Candy?!). But no matter what preparation we’ve embarked on, sometimes we still can’t avoid a little extra fluff on our tummies. You know…. bloating. Even the fittest people on the planet still experience a puffy, sometimes gassy stomach, some more severe than others.  (Check out Fitness Guru Emily Skye and her battle of bloating). But there are ways to prevent or treat a bloated stomach so that you can love the skin you’re in this summer!

Stay Hydrated

Although too much water can make your tum stick out a little further than usual, not getting enough water can do the same! When you’re not drinking enough water, your body begins to retain fluid to keep you from getting dehydrated, causing your little pooch.

spring-breakAvoid Bloating Foods

Foods (AND DRINKS- we’re looking at you, diet soda drinkers) that are high in sodium can make you puff up.  You’d be amazed how many different foods contain a lot of sodium: canned soup, pizza, diet sodas, anything with artificial sweeteners, citrus fruits, alcoholic beverages, leafy greens…. the list goes on and on! So how do we avoid the bloat? Moderation. You can have any of these foods, just don’t over-indulge before your bikini-body debut.

Don’t Laze Out

When you’re on vacation or during the weekend, it’s hard not to find motivation to do just about anything; however, sitting around doing nothing makes your bowels and digestive system do the same, causing you to hold in all that food and drink and stall your digestive process– this will make that tum balloon up super quick. Even just a 20-30 minute walk or jog per day can  help jump-start your metabolism and keep your digestive system on track, keeping your tum where it’s supposed to be.

Don’t Over-Indulge on Fiber

We know that fiber is one of the best ways to clear out our system and make us feel less sluggish after eating an entire pizza. But did you know that too much fiber can actually cause bloating?! Once your body has reached its max, the fiber because nothing more than gas, making your stomach inflate faster than your inner-tube. Experts say that a person should have 14 grams of fiber per 1000 calories consumed per day.  So, do the math and don’t over-indulge on your fiber gummies. If you do feel that your digestive tract is a little off, try taking some probiotics to sooth your stomach and jump-start your digestion.

Overall, don’t worry about the looming day at the beach; be proud of your body, no matter what! To feel a little more light-footed and ready to tackle the warm sun and sand, be sure to avoid those bloat-causing foods that can make any person feel a little too much like a beach ball.  Get plenty of exercise, and stay hydrated! Your body will thank you.


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