Its been a good year for probiotics. Research has shown probiotic supplements to be effective for weight loss, digestive disorders, allergies, tooth decay, and colic in infants, just to name a few.  We know you were busy.  Here are the 5 best probiotic posts from our blog last year, in case you missed out.

1.  DIY Probiotic Anti-Aging Mask

We all want to age gracefully. At least, that’s what we say.  However, it seems everyone runs for the hills at the thought of wrinkles and age spots. To try to prevent or combat the inevitable, many have turned to anti-aging or skin-firming creams and gels. Some claim these products are miracle-workers, while the FDA…. well…. they claim they might have mercury. Apparently, some anti-aging creams, acne washes, and even cover-ups contain small traces of mercury. Instead of reaching for those pesky, apparently-dangerous creams, maybe make your own? We have the scoop on an easy Probiotic Anti-Aging Mask.

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2.  Best Probiotic Practices – Travelers’ Edition

Don’t be part of the 10 percent of travelers who suffer from travel-induced diarrhea this holiday. Whether you are visiting a nearby state or flying internationally, there is one item you must not forget to pack with your belongings.  In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, don’t leave the house without your probiotics in tow.

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3.  Put Down the Glass: Alcohol and Your Body

It’s been a long day, and you really just want to get home and crack open a cold one. It seems a cold drink after a long day is always the perfect cure. But do you ever wonder: is it REALLY helping? Sure, we all know the short-term effects of too much alcohol. In fact, you may still be recovering from last weekend. However, the long-term effects of too much alcohol are even scarier. Yes, there are benefits to alcohol and consumption in moderation. But what is the correlation between alcohol and your body?

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4.  Human Microbiome vs. Microbiota: What’s the difference?

With probiotics moving to the forefront of the human-health arena, you have probably heard the words “microbiome” and “microbiota.”  But what’s the difference? And what do these bio-techie terms really mean? Don’t get bogged down in industry jargon. The answer to this question is simpler than you may think.

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5.  When Things Get Hairy: Probiotics and Hair Loss

As we age, we start to lose a lot of stuff: eyesight, height, agility…. It can be a little frustrating. But one of the most overwhelming things to lose is hair. Two thirds of men will suffer through some kind of hair loss while women make up 40% of the total amount of people balding each year in the US. Even though this is a natural occurrence and not dangerous is any way, many people feel defeated, and dare we say old, once they start losing their locks. Luckily, we have the scoop on how probiotics can help slow down or even stopping hair loss!

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