Freshly baked bread from rye flour on wooden table

There’s something about fall that gravitates us toward the kitchen. Maybe it’s the cooler temperatures jolting our senses into action or perhaps it’s the burnt orange and deep red leaves patterning the sidewalks. Either way, we invite you to dust off and fill your mason jars and bread boxes with savory food that will nourish your body from the inside out.

To help get the juices flowing, we’ve created a compilation of some of our favorite fall fermentation ideas.

Fall Fermentation Ideas

Kale Kraut – Sauerkraut lovers looking for a kraut with some punch need not look further than this recipe for kale kraut. What’s abundant in texture is even richer in garlicky undertones. Paired with a meat or fish, this fermented side adds a bold finishing touch to your plate. It can also shine bright as a standalone if you’re looking to snack on something savory.

Miso Soup –  Soup lovers everywhere have been counting down the calendar days to the start of autumn. The good news is that it’s officially sweater weather and that means it’s time to put a flame on the saucepan and dip the ladle. In the spirit of good health, we recommend working miso soup into your fall-soup rotation. The tofu and miso paste comprised of fermented soybeans are rich in beneficial microorganisms. The only problem with this fermented fall favorite is that you will want more than one cup, so come hungry!

Sourdough Bread – Fear not sourdough bread and put your carb fears to rest. Sourdough bread is an absolute must when it comes to fall fermentation. Created from a pre-ferment starter culture, this bread has roots dating back to the California Gold Rush and ancient Egypt. It’s stood the test of time and now it stands out from other heavily yeast-based breads because it’s rich in lactobacillus (read: beneficial microorganisms).

With garlicky kale, freshly leavened bread, and warm soup filling your belly, your fall fermentation rotation will be anything but boring. Bon Appétit!