It’s the holidays. You were lucky just to have the time to get your presents wrapped and food on the table. Time to research the latest scoop on probiotics news and human health is wishful thinking at best.

Not to worry! That’s where we enter the picture, or rather the small screen where you’re currently reading this.

As you make your way through the rest of your holiday meal leftovers, bite on these headlines.

Noteworthy News

Gut Bacteria Guard Your Waistline
“Finally, they showed that the altered microbiome itself was responsible for the weight gain. They transferred gut microbes from risperidone-treated mice into control mice and saw the same decrease in resting metabolic rate, as well as the associated weight gain.”

Your Microscopic Holiday Weight Loss Weapon
“Tis the season of indulging and, consequently, weight gain. If you’re anything like us, this will have you revving up your weight-loss efforts. But what if you could preemptively combat weight gain at a microscopic level, from the inside out?”

The Overlooked Role of Probiotics in Human Health
“Not only does more than 70% of the human immune system reside in the gut, but the intestinal immune system produces more antibodies than the rest of the body put together.”

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