all-naturalNavigating through your grocery store or prescription aisle when you’re trying to pick out the healthiest foods for you and your family can be a minefield. With growing concerns circulating about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in our food, it’s more important than ever to be conscious of what we are putting into our bodies. Staying away from processed foods is a given – but with so many things still claiming to be ‘organic’ or ‘all-natural,’ how can you tell what the good stuff still is?

In its simplest form, all-natural food is food or product that comes directly from natural plants. However, while some foods and products begin as all-natural, manufacturers can add various ingredients or additives that corrupt the natural quality of the product.

The FDA says that, from a scientific perspective, it is hard to define a food as ‘all-natural’ since, undoubtedly, it has gone through some sort of processing, making it “no longer the product straight from the earth.” However, the FDA will approve a natural label if the product does not contain added color, flavors, or substances.

Finding the Best Products

That helps narrow things down, but not by much. Because of this, we have another helpful tip. If you question the validity of an all-natural claim, it’s time to check the ingredients label. This could be your most valuable weapon in helping defraud products claiming to be all-natural. Read the list of ingredients, and if there are any that a fourth grader cannot pronounce, look it up. This allows you to verify if it was made in a factory instead of being harvested from the ground.

Although these may seem like obvious tricks, they can help you navigate through endless labels, deciphering which ones are truthful when selling themselves as all-natural. In this day and age, it is especially important to be able to understand what you are putting into your body. As technology becomes more efficient and companies are able to manufacture food, you need to be prepared with a method for nourishing your body with the natural substances it needs to run at its peak level. That said, you’ll be amazed what a little extra reading and conscientious shopping can accomplish. By implementing these tips into your consumer life, you will be able to make those healthier choices.

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