garden-soilRemember when you were younger, and playing in the mud would always get you in so much trouble? Unless you were one of those kids, the mud was one of your favorite places to be. However, our parents would always rip us away from our muddy paradise out of fear of us picking up germs. Little did they know, those germs were actually good for you! Soil microbes are some of the best sources for good bacteria on the planet (no pun intended). Turns out, playing in the mud is actually GOOD for you! Unfortunately, as an adult, it may be frowned upon to go make a mud pie. Due to this social injustice, we have compiled a list of ways to get good microbes from the soil.


Eat Your Vegetables

Carrots and potatoes aren’t exactly everyone’s favorite side dish (unless fried). But as we all know, they are grown in the dirt. And dirt is good. The produce that grows fully-submerged in the ground are the best sources of microbes in the soil. Getting ground-grown veggies is a great idea! Even better if they’re organic — no harsh chemicals!  Even agrees, don’t peel your carrots, beets and potatoes.  They contain nutrients and flavor.



Fresh carrots in earth

So you can still kind of play in the dirt, right? Gardening is one of those things that relaxes the mind and body, gets you moving, and can inspire you to grow your own little market! Playing in the garden a little each day will expose you to great amount of microbes in the soil. Not only that, it can also give you an opportunity to grow your own veggies, so you can be sure that they’re chemical-free and microbe-fueled.


Playing outside

As weird as this may sound, exposing yourself to sunlight and the ground (such as playing golf, going on a picnic, or going fishing) is a great way to be in the dirt. No, you don’t need to dig a hole and sit in it, but just walking around outside is a great way to be one with the earth and steal some of its beneficial microbes!


All in all, don’t be afraid to get down and dirty in the soil! It’s good for you, it’s good for your health…. and it’s even good for the kids, so let them play in the mud!