By now, you know how delicious and nutritious unpasteurized yogurt, with its feel-good bacteria, is. Like most things, yogurt is even more savory when homemade. Moreover, it’s easy to prepare and –even better– you know exactly what you’re eating. Really, what more could you want?

Below, we’ve included a yogurt recipe from our very own Dr. Nihan Altinsoy Duygu, who is a native of Turkey and avid culinary enthusiast. It is our hope that in sharing this homemade yogurt recipe, you will learn how to harness SCD Essential Probiotics® for other healthful purposes.  Ready? Let’s get started.

Turkish Yogurt Recipe

Step 1: You will need 1 liter of milk, 1 Tbsp. of your favorite yogurt, a glass jar, a pot to boil milk, liquid probiotics (to enrich the yogurt with 11 strains of probiotics), and a wooden spoon.


Step 2: Put the milk in your pot and boil it. Once it reaches boiling temperature, turn off the heat and wait for it to cool to around 104-113°F. Tip: You can test it with your hands from the outside of the jar. If it is not hot to touch, it’s time to begin the fermentation process.yogurt

Step 3: Add 1 Tbsp. of yogurt to your heated milk. *You can choose any brand of yogurt. Next time your own homemade yogurt can serve as the fermentation starter.



Step 4: Add 1/2 tsp. of SCD Essential Probiotics. Tip: It is important to use a brand that includes S. thermophiles and L. bulgaricus as the main yogurt microorganisms.

Step 5: Gently blend the milk, yogurt, and probiotics with a wooden spoon before pouring the milk mixture into the jar. 


Step 6: Wrap the jar up with a few towels or pieces of cloth to keep the liquid as warm as you can. Store the jar in a dark, warm place  in your home for 6 – 10 hours. Then, place the mixture in the refrigerator and your delicious probiotics-infused yogurt is ready after an additional two hours incubation time!

Step 7: Enjoy your probiotics-enriched yogurt!9

If you liked this DIY yogurt recipe, stay tuned. We’re always exploring new ways for you to enjoy our favorite fermented foods.