dog probioticsIt seems the scariest thing to happen to families is the illness of a beloved pet. When our domesticated friends get sick, the whole family worries! One of the most prominent animal illness is stomach trouble. After eating something not-so-great, too much travel, or simple anxiety, our furry friends can suffer from intense tum trouble. And worst of all, they aren’t exactly toilet trained, so unless they have open access to the outdoors, your house is bound to get… messy. So how can we prevent issues surrounding dog digestion?

Watch your pup!

Making sure that you’re always keeping track of how often they eat, how often they use the restroom and how often they get sick is key! Once weird behavior is observed, watch them carefully. The sure way to see if your pup is sick? See if they eat grass! This weird phenomena has always been a good indicator of a sick pooch. If illness or potty issues persist for more than 2-3 days, it’s time for a trip to the vet!

Feed your pup!

It’s important to see what foods sit well with the dog and what foods irritate his/her stomach. Canned foods or “wet” food can cause diarrhea due to the consistency of the food. So changing food can be a good thing! But don’t change too often— this can cause the dog to have even more digestion issues.

Exercise your pup!

Just like humans, the best way to cure stomach issues is to clean up our lives- starting with exercise! Walking  your pup for 5-20 minutes a day (depending on how mobile your dog is) can help move food along faster and can assist with dog digestion. It’s important to keep them hydrated after exercise, so always leave them a nice bowl of water after your workout!

Learn from your pup!

Dogs always seem to have us beat. And the research surrounding the dog’s microbiome– or their “gut” and hub of dog digestion-  supports this once again! It turns out, dogs have been aware of their microbiome for much longer than we have. Or at least aware of how to take care of it. Whenever dogs get an upset stomach, they go for grass. And what is grass a direction connection to? You guessed it (or maybe not)- Soil Microbes! Dogs are very intelligent and have probably known for centuries that eating grass can help their stomach. It does this by balancing their microbiome and supporting their digestive health. If it works, it works, so help the dogs out. No, don’t feed them grass (as chemicals on grass can make them sick). Instead, feed them dog probiotics daily. This will help regulate their digestive system and make them much healthier!


All in all, always visit your veterinarian to double check on the dog’s health. For preventative measure or treatment, probiotics for dogs are the best way to regulate their digestive system. Dog digestion is a complex thing, but we have learned and continue to learn tons– just by watching the dogs!