Photo Credit: Kefir Smoothie Bowl, Home Made Food Junkie, April 15, 2016.

With tons of diets trending, it can be hard to find the one that is just right for you! Well, if you are one who suffers from constant bloating and digestive issues, perhaps a probiotic-rich diet can help. This doesn’t mean that you will eat only probiotic foods.  And you will still have to watch your caloric intake. However, it does mean that each of your meals will have a fermented, probiotic ingredient. Check out our easy, probiotic recipes below!


Kefir Smoothie Bowl

We all LOVE a good smoothie, and these new trending smoothie bowls are every instagrammer’s dream right now. So why not make one with Kefir, a probiotic fermented milk — instead of regular old dairy milk? Adding in some fruit and protein will make this smoothie an easy, delicious breakfast!


Kimchi Omelet

kimchi-omeletKimchi is absolutely delicious, and adding it to your eggs or other omelet substitutes can make for a great, probiotic-fueled breakfast or brunch! In addition, this Japanese staple is loaded with probiotics and can add a zingy flavor to any dish.  You can even eat it all by itself!


Brat and Sauerkraut Lettuce Cups

This meal is a great substitute for those summer cookouts! Combining low-fat brats with sauerkraut is sure to give you a great amount of delicious, fermented probiotics! Using lettuce instead of a bun gives it that special element that makes this an A+ on any diet.


Black Bean Tacos with Salsa

Black beans are a mexican-food lover’s probiotic dream! They are fermented and full of delicious probiotics to assist with digestion. Next time you’re having a fiesta, try combining them with whole-grain tortillas (or wrap it in lettuce) and serve with chicken or tofu. It’ll be a delicious, healthy alternative to that fried burrito you’ve been thinking about all day.


Through easy probiotic recipes, you can stay on track, save time, and improve the health of your mirobiome. Use your imagination and make up some more delicious fermented food-based meals and share it with us! We’re always looking for new recipes!