It’s fall! Time to cozy up with your favorite pumpkin spice (fill in your own noun here) and enjoy watching the leaves paint the landscape, and we know just how to maximize your season.



Fall is the time of harvest and when a large number of fruits and veggies are in season, not just apples pumpkin, and squash. The best way to buy and eat produce isn’t just when foods are in season, but also buying locally grown produce. The abundance of a particular crop and shortened distance between farm and table brings prices down for everyone. More importantly, it’s your healthiest produce option.

Eating locally and in season insures that you get the most out of your fruits and vegetables. These produce are the most flavorful and in align with the environment around you, decreasing your chances of catching an illness. Eating seasonal foods also reduces digestion irritation, boating, and gas.

Fall is also a great time to prepare for the barren season of winter by stocking up your food stores. Produce can be frozen for up to 12 months; homemade soups 2-3 months. Or if your freezer space is limited consider pickling. We’ve walked you through the basic steps: here.



Prep your immune system. Fall is when your body prepares for winter. Being conscious of what you eat and drink now can set you up for a healthier winter. 80% of your immune system is in the digestion system. So, you are what you eat. Nutritious foods and probiotics help to build a stronger digestive and immune system.


Be Merry:

Set yourself up to be mentally and emotionally ready for winter. I personally don’t enjoy winter. I only want snow on Christmas and Christmas Eve and then I don’t want to see the stuff until next year. And yes, I’ve lived in Kansas City my whole life so I know how ridiculous that sounds. Fall is, however, a great time to prepare so winter doesn’t sneak up on you. Take stock of your winter gear and fill in the gaps. Nothing is worse than getting surprised with snow and not having a proper jacket or gloves. Decide on winter activities you do enjoy and schedule them frequently, especially if you can do them with others who actually enjoy winter. Happiness really is contagious. Finally, update your winter cookbook so you have lots of good, cozy dishes to keep your bones warm and your body strong.

Some of our favorite healthy fall recipes are on our Pinterest, check it out!  


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