News iconFrom the management of digestive issues to fungus control, probiotics are making all sorts of waves in the animal-health arena this month. We hand-selected a couple titles just for you and found two of what we found to be fascinating revelations.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, give these a skim and stop by soon for more industry news about probiotics.

Probiotics & Animal Health: The Latest…

Could My Dog or Cat Have Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
“Does your cat vomit every week? Can’t remember the last time your dog had a firm stool? Does your pet seem to be losing weight for no apparent reason? Though these signs could indicate any number of conditions, they are also commonly seen in pets with an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).”

A Ban on Salamanders Is Just Part of the Fight Against This Deadly Fungus
“Interactions with the other microbes living on an animal’s skin may also play a role, along with the response of its immune system. Some researchers are now working on probiotics that might help a frog fight off a chytrid infection.”

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