food-toxic-to-dogsThey bark, jump up and down, and maybe even climb in your lap. It’s dinner time and the pooches are in full hunting mode, waiting for even just one remnant to drop at your feet. And since we love our dogs, it’s tempting to slip a sweet taste of or human food down to them. Every. Single. Time. Unfortunately, there are some foods out there that may be a bit toxic to our furry friends… foods you may love! There are foods toxic to dogs that you should stay away from (aside from the obvious chocolate bar)!


Foods Toxic to Dogs: BEWARE


Raw meat

Now this might not be your top choice for a meal, but it’s still pretty common for humans to eat raw meat such as under-cooked burgers or even sushi! Dogs really cannot have any thing of the sort. Their cute, little digestive systems just can handle it! So next time you’re grillin’ out, keep the plate of meat AWAY from your fur-baby.


Grapes or Raisins

These poppable, sweet fruits are so dangerous to pups! The chemicals that reside in grapes can cause a dog’s liver to fail in they ingest too much. Their bodies handle the acids in grapes much like we handle alcohol… and too much of that is not good for our liver! Grapes are known to be one of the most popular foods toxic to dogs. So before you give your pup a taste of your oatmeal-raisin cookie, think twice!


Fried of Fatty Foods

thanksgiving digestionConsistently eating this type of food can cause a lot of issues for your dog. Not only could they get a tummy ache, but prolonged ingestion can cause pancreatitis. A french fry every now and again is okay. Just remember: 1 french fry is like 7 french fries in doggy years.


Totally joking.


As our furry friends are our pride and joy, we want to make sure that they stay safe and healthy for as long as possible! Keep them away from human food as much as possible– there are plenty of sweet doggie treats that are very tasty! Stay away from foods toxic to dogs at all times, just to be safe! Remember: if you give your canine friend too much human food, try supplementing with dog probiotics to keep away from a disaster on the carpet later!