poiThe groundhog predicted an early spring, and ever since, we’ve been dreaming of tropical breezes and island food. The good news is that you can enjoy a little piece of Hawaii that will leave your body and soul feeling good from the inside out. You don’t have to go all the way to the Big Island to enjoy some of the homeland’s native Poi, a great source of beneficial microbes.

The 101 on Poi

Poi is a staple in the Hawaiian diet, and with good reason! If the name has you scratching you chin, rest assured that we wouldn’t lead you astray. There’s nothing deceptive about this dish.  It is simply boiled taro roots that have then been pounded and mixed with water. This starch has made a reputation for itself being what the Polynesian Cultural Center representative calls …one of the most nutritious starches on the planet.”

Freshly fermented poi is a great way to get in your daily dose of beneficial microbes. However, you will have to make your own if you live in the states. Mind Body Green elaborates, saying ” While poi is loaded with good germs, it’s stirred up some controversy as there’s currently no way to mass produce it in a way that’s 100% sanitized. (In order to pass health and hygiene standards in America to prepare and sell anything, everything has to be 100% sanitized.).”

To make your own, try this authentic recipe.

Poi, As You Like It

One of the more attractive qualities about poi, aside from it’s subtle purple hue, its versatility. It’ not unusual for people to prepare it to their preferred thickness. This popular probiotic food can also be dressed with salt, sugar, or even soy sauce.

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