health-and-your-tongueIt’s one of the strongest muscles in our body. It can twist and turn and roll. It’s our tongue, and it’s one helpful part of our body! Without it, we couldn’t talk, whistle, or really make any noises at all (aside from glottal grunts). But did you know that it is also a great indicator of health? Research is showing us that your body’s health and your tongue properties are closely related. Read below to see how your tongue can alert you of some serious issues!


The Tongue Coating: Don’t brush it off!

Our tongues’ coatings can tell us a ton about what’s going on in our bodies.

A light, thin, white coating is an indicator of a healthy digestive system! Yay!

A thick tongue coat could be a sign of poor gut health, as the pathogenic fluid from your gut sticks to your tongue!

However, no tongue coat at all could be a lack of hydration. Keep an eye on that!


The Tongue Color

The color of our tongues can tell us is there is enough fluid in our bodies and how well it is being distributed.

A pale tongue tells us that there is not enough blood in the body. If your tongue is pale, try eating more food. Nutrients in food help us make blood and get the color back to our tongues.

A dark-colored tongue is a warning that blood is not circulating well. This can indicate low blood pressure or  mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Check with a doctor to see if your tongue is darker than usual!


The Tip O’ the Tongue

The tip of the tongue can tell us about your body’s internal temperature.  Your body’s health and your tongue are very connected!

If the tip of your tongue is bright red (noticeably so compared to the rest of your tongue), you may be overheating, in a way. Not physically so much as emotionally. Anxiety or panic can cause a red tip as it can cause the body to get hot. If this happens, avoid foods that heat up your internal temperature such as soups, alcohol, or too much meat.

If your tongue doesn’t have a “tip” to it, it is a sign that you are an introvert or feel a loss of control. You know the term “sharp tongued”? Well those who are not “sharp tongued” are often quiet and therefore do not have a tip on their tongue… make sense?


Overall, your tongue should be a nice pink color, with a light film on top, with a very nice tip (that does not vary in color from the rest of the tongue). If one or all of these things is off with your tongue, try making the changes stated above to get your tongue health back. Try to change your diet, change your gut and mouth bacteria (with the help of Liquid Probiotics), or change your levels of anxiety. Watch out for your health and your tongue will follow!