We have talked about ways you can promote good digestion during Halloween and Thanksgiving, but let’s face it – we are officially amidst the longest holiday season of the year. With work functions, family gatherings, and holiday soirees, comes a lot of feasting. That said, ask this question: Is your digestive health in optimal condition for what lies ahead? By laying down the groundwork for heaping plates of food and the occasional indulgence in holiday treats, you will be able to better digest throughout the rest of the holiday season.

Stay Hydrated

You don’t have to overdo the spirits to get in the spirit of the holiday season. In fact, you should make sure to swap out the occasional alcoholic beverage with a tall, refreshing glass of water. By staying hydrated with the good stuff – h2o – you are doing one of the best things you can for your digestive system. The reason it is so important is simple: Water keeps food moving through your digestive tract in an effort to prevent digestive “traffic jams.” You know that encouraging friend who can sometimes push you to do something you otherwise wouldn’t do? Water is your digestive system’s bestie, and there is plenty to go around! Now, that’s something to raise your glass of water to and says cheers, isn’t it?

Keep Stress Levels Low

If you have ever been really stressed, it should be no surprise to learn that stress can have some unexpected – and unwanted – effects on the human body. In fact, too much stress can send your digestive system “into overdrive,” resulting in an array of complications.

Indulge in Fiber-rich Food

healthy digestionFiber, fiber, fiber. The reason you are always hearing about the value of fiber in a well-balanced diet is because it is key to good digestion. In addition to stabilizing your blood sugar, fiber works alongside water to keep you regular. To put things in perspective, consider that the absence of fiber can cause painful constipation and uncomfortable bloating. Not to worry, though. The good news is that you can enjoy fiber in a number of yummy foods this holiday season. For a good start, place some bowls of pistachios around the house for light snacking. Raspberries are also a rich source of fiber and immune-boosting antioxidants, so find fun ways to integrate them into your favorite holiday recipes. Lastly, don’t reserve popcorn for being strung on the tree. Popcorn sans butter and salt is a great source of fiber that will satisfy your more savory cravings.

Daily Probiotics

Probiotics are all the digestive-health rage. With these powerful microorganisms working to maintain your gut microbiota balance, you can reap an array of digestive benefits. From relief from gas and bloating to increased regularity, probiotics have the potential to act as your daily defense from undesirable digestive issues. Found in foods like kefir, pickles, certain yogurts, and miso, as well as supplements, there are plenty of ways for you to get your daily dose of probiotics. As a rule of thumb, look for live probiotic cultures, like those found in SCD Essential Probiotics.

Redeem Your Holiday Gift

By integrating these digestive aids into your daily diet, you can enjoy the holidays all season long. For more tips about digestive health and news about probiotics, stay tuned into our blog. And don’t forget to order a FREE bottle of our all-natural, 11-strain probiotics formula – it’s our gift to you this holiday season.