probiotic health newsWhether you’re stuck inside after having been hit by the snow storm of the century or are just looking for a quick probiotic fix, we’re here with some newsworthy headlines.

Stay warm and read up on January’s latest.

Toilet Talk: The 101 On Health Poop
“For those of you who have been dodging toilet glances for years, you may have been missing some important cues from your body. After all, your stool can be one of the indicators of serious health issues such as Crohn’s, Celiac disease, and even cystic fibrosis.”

Gingivitis and Probiotics: What You Need to Know
“Research indicates simply changing a patient’s diet to include more probiotics — the healthy bacteria found in the body — may help to stop, slow, or delay the bacteria of gingivitis, according to The National Center for Biotechnology Information.”

Geographic Tongue and Probiotics: What You Need to Know
“Probiotics have been shown to be helpful in treating some skin conditions since they overcrowd bad bacteria in the gut as well as strengthen the gastrointestinal lining, preventing toxins, foreign invaders, and waste from getting into the bloodstream and causing inflammation throughout the body, Live Science reported.”

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