When you hear the phrase “probiotic supplement” you probably just think of it as something else you take with your multivitamin in the morning. But what makes our liquid probiotic so different is that it is available in a convenient, liquid form and contains 11 strains of probiotics. Unsure what this means? It means a couple of things.

Add a Liquid Probiotic to Your Smoothie

1. Our liquid probiotic supplement, SCD Essential Probiotics, has live cultures unlike “pure-culture” supplements that have freeze-dried cultures.

2. Moreover, its liquid formula allows it to be conveniently added to juice, water, or even a smoothie. That’s right, taking probiotics can be fun…and tasty!

Learn how international a Nutritional Therapist Margaux Rathbun enjoys using SCD Essential Probiotics in a smoothie recipe.

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