natural-r-and-rIn today’s world, everyone always seems to be running somewhere. We are always running to the market, the bank, work, to grab the kids: we are everywhere all the time. In this high-stress world, it is sometimes impossible to find time for a little all natural R&R. And some people handle the stress just fine. Unfortunately, for some of us, stress causes immense amounts of anxiety. Before you reach for those “comfort” foods (or drinks!), let’s talk about ways you can sneak in a little “cool-off” time throughout your day that can naturally lower your cortisol levels!


Sing — out loud! 

Alone in the car is one of the few moments you might have to yourself. Although you may like the peace and quiet, this can be an ideal time to let out some of those inner-emotions causing some anxiety. My recommendation? If you’re angry: classic rock. If you’re anxious: classical music. If you want to run away from responsibilities: Jimmy Buffet. Choose the music you like and then SING. Studies show that singing out loud for 10 minutes a day can significantly lower cortisol levels!


Walk it out!

During your lunch break or maybe even way early in the morning before anyone else wakes up in the ideal time to lower your stress levels– and the best way to do that is by taking a walk! Walking is shown to help people clear their heads, relax, and focus on what’s important that day. Sometimes all we need is a quick tour around nature to help us realize just how small our stress really is.

Eat Probiotic-Rich foods!

A TON of research is coming out that supports claims of probiotics actually lowering stress levels. You can read more of the study here, but basically it says that by eating probiotics and balancing out your gut, the rest of your body will balance out, as well! It’s a great, natural way to help lower those anxiety levels and get some all natural R&R during your day.


The best thing you can do for your stress levels is prevention techniques: don’t worry too much, try to prepare the best you can, and make the treatments above daily habits so as to help prevent you from getting over stressed and achieve that natural R&R without a spa or vacation (even though those things are super nice)!