pokemon-go-workoutIt has happened: Pokemon Go is now taking over the world, one smart phone at a time. We’ve all seen the swarms of teens (and….ahem….adults) running through cities and suburbs alike, looking for these cute creatures to add to their Pokemon portfolios. The game is getting a lot of hype, mostly because it is getting all of these *nerds* outside and, dare we say, running! In an effort to “catch’em all,” users are sprinting to virtually catch these Pokemon. Which gave us an idea: why not make a Pokemon Go-themed workout that you can do WHILE you play the game? It’s a win-win situation!

Start out by running to Pokemon Go locations only if they are 100 meters away or more. After you catch one, perform one round of these exercises! Go for 30 minutes to really feel the burn!

Squirtle Sit-ups!

Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Sit up, using your arms for momentum and lay back down. Don’t forget to tighten those abs! One set is 20 reps!

Pikachu Planks!

Get into a normal elbow-plank position and hold for 45 seconds.

Jigglypuff Jump Squats!

Perform by bending down into a squat position and then jumping high (completing the ever-so-popular squat jumps). Do 15 of these for one set!

Metapod Mountain Climbers!

Get into a push-up position, with arms extended, and quickly bring one leg to your chest while the other is extended behind you. Quickly bring each leg in 10 times for a total of 20.

Blastoise Burpees!

Stay straight and then jump down into a push-up position. Once you’re balanced, jump and bring your legs into a squat and then reach for the sky as you jump up. Land and re-find your balance. Perform this 10 times.


pokemon-go-workoutIf you by chance find an egg, try the Charmander Challenge!

Get into a side-plank position on one side and dip your hips down 20 times. Perform on each side 3 times!


If you follow this workout guide for a solid 30 minutes of game play, you will definitely feel the burn. But remember: be careful out there and aware of your surroundings!