cheese with fruits for appetizerEach winter, we get the appetite of our cavemen ancestors, ravenous for something hot, heavy, and rich. But the holidays have passed and long gone are any excuses for overindulging in just about everything. Although you can’t always enjoy these culinary pleasures in one sitting, you can find fermented foods to satisfy some of those winter hankerings.

The solution? Just because you’re implementing healthy eating in the new year doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of culinary adventure or eat the same thing. every. single. day. In fact, such constraints sound like a recipe for falling off the deep end and into a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. To keep you on track, we’re sharing one of our favorite fermented — still flavorful — foods.

Fermented Food Spotlight: Nut & Seed Cheese

This vegan cheese substitute packs some serious flavor. Now don’t go knocking this off your list just because it’s vegan. We love real cheese with real dairy as much as you, but we can also appreciate the health benefits and palate pleasures this nut & seed cheese offers.

The unique production process is where this fermented food gets its probiotics punch. Here’s how it works:

“Using mostly sunflower seed and sometimes pumpkin seed, the cheese was created by blending soaked seeds with water and rejuvelac, then fermenting it for a short amount of time and straining out the liquid,” explains Super Foods for Super Health.

Now aged for varying periods of time and introducing different seeds to the mix, there’s a variation of this fermented favorite for everyone.

What Now?

It’s simple. All that’s left to do is grab a knife and a crusty carb to top with nut & seed cheese.