pains-of-fruits-and-veggiesAs far as we know, eating our fruits & veggies is super important during bone, brain, and body growth; from a young age, we all develop a love/hate relationship with the all-natural snacks, mostly due to their taste. However, as we start to get older, some of us may develop a digestive disease or disorder, such as Crohn’s  or Ulcerative Colitis; these diseases majorly affect what we can and cannot eat- including fruits & veggies. As much as our 10 year old selves would love it, the pain that eating acidic foods causes is almost not worth it, and many venture away from trying it altogether.

In honor of Digestive Disease Week, here are some tips on avoiding trouble foods while still getting the nutrients you need.

Don’t Omit the Fruits and Veggies

The problem with this approach to avoiding fruits and veggies is that our bodies are then missing out on key nutrients that help our body function and increase our immunity. To help us look for some alternatives to crunching on an apple, below are some supplemental foods that can help you get the props of fruits and veggies without the pains.

  1. Instead of that crispy apple, try munching on a puree or smoothie. These alternatives contain much lower acidic levels due to being diluted with water or coconut water. This can help alleviate the burden of eating healthily while still helping you keep your body in check!
  2. Melons! Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew are just a few of the great substitutes for that juicy orange. Since melons are made of mostly of water, these fruits are sure to not cause any discomfort while eating, since the water dilutes most of the acid.
  3. We all love a good veggie burger or roasted veggies, but unfortunately, these seem to be a major instigator of stomach pain. Instead, try eating squash or other gourds. These veggies are quite the showstopper when it comes to digestive health as they not only are comfortable to eat, but they also reduce inflammation and can help soothe a turning and churning stomach!

Overall, your top priority of your body should be your gut, whether it be your stomach or your microbiome. The condition of these two important powerhouses dictate how your body feels and how you move throughout the day. By focusing on eating good, wholesome food that won’t cause discomfort, you can get back to your daily plan without the daily pain.

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