Official Baseball Isolated on White Background.

Baseball in October is a wonderful –but rare — reality for hometown Kansas City Royals fans.

This isn’t the only unusual development, though.  One of the reasons we love our industry is because there is always something new and exciting happening. Like the successful lab-grown intestinal regeneration of canine gut lining. Or what about probiotics being at the forefront of livestock raised with fewer antibiotics in an effort to increase animal and human health? Like we said, there’s no limit to what tomorrow brings for the application of probiotics.

Without further ado, here’s hot probiotic news bound to warm you up like hot cocoa around a fall bonfire.

Understanding Meats Raised Without Antibiotics
“The company’s emphasis is on keeping animals healthy, explains Bruce Stewart Brown, DVM, Perdue’s senior vice president of food safety, quality and live production. The animals receive an all-vegetarian diet, pre- and probiotics to promote good gut health, and vaccinations to protect them against common diseases.”

Lab-grown 3D Intestine Regenerates Gut Lining In Dogs
“In another set of experiments, researchers added probiotic bacteria to the newly created intestinal tissue. Doing so further amplified the growth and differentiation of new gut cells, specifically the growth of Paneth cells responsible for production of infection-fighting proteins that guard against intestinal infections, Hackam said, a finding that highlights the therapeutic potential of certain probiotics for NEC.”

Probiotics In Clinical Practice
“Research on new applications for probiotics includes use for different mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and autism, and some metabolic syndrome applications, such as weight management, cholesterol lowering, and insulin sensitivity.”

For more exciting headlines, stop by again later this week!