Five months out of the year, football dominates the nation’s TVs. Also called the pigskin, NFL footballs were originally made from pigs. Now, they’re cowhide leather.

In fact, NFL footballs are still hand crafted by the same company, all 11,520 of them. And that’s just for the regular season! As a result, 35,000 cowhides make footballs each year.

Additionally, creating footballs uses thousands of gallons of water and chemicals each season.

Tanning, the process of making leather for consumer goods, is an old practice. Thus many tanneries use the same methods as past craftsmen. But new, more natural options are out there.

Enter Probiotics

Probiotics are a natural alternative to traditional, chemical based treatments. Yes, the same bacteria that support your digestive health are part of a sustainable way to prepare leather.

Okay, not the same type. But, these products can replace the traditional chemicals used to make leather. This reduces the environmental impact of the leather industry. Also reducing the carbon footprint of leather products, like footballs. Making the world a little greener. And Astro Turf, too.

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