stomach-bugStomach bugs are all too normal in our society today. Picked up from contaminated water or contact with an infected person, this illness doesn’t mess around. Worst of all, there is no sure treatment for the stomach flu (or gastroenteritis)! As it is usually a virus, you have to let it “run its course” tolerating the pain and nausea that accompanies it. Antibiotics can’t save you now! But what about their counterpart- probiotics? Probiotics work to stabilize the bacteria in your gut. Therefore, the connection between probiotics and stomach bugs could be stronger than we think!


How to know it’s the stomach bug

Once you feel sick, it can be hard to differentiate between a virus and maybe just food poisoning. The signs of the stomach flu are:

  • Sudden onset
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea/vomiting
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Aches and pains
  • Specific stomach pain (usually in lower stomach)
  • Symptoms persisting for more than 12 hours

As food poisoning usually last only 4-7 hours, anything longer is a sure sign of a virus! If the virus lasts longer than a day, it’s time to see the doctor, just to make sure it isn’t anything more serious!


What to do now


First, don’t eat anything solid. Stick to broths, if you must eat. Drink plenty of water, and maybe an electrolyte-fueled drink if you can handle it. Lay down and STAY DOWN. Don’t try to do too much. Also, if you have intense body or stomach aches, take a shower. And not a normal shower. Turn the shower on and sit down in the shower. It works wonders.


Probiotics and stomach bugs

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can stop this nasty train from rolling. Even though antibiotics won’t help you, there is a chance of a quicker recovery– probiotics! Especially liquid probiotics.

Probiotics can help suppress the harmful bacteria that have formed from the infection and replenish the colon with helpful bacteria that was lost from excessive diarrhea.  Sure, you can try to get probiotics through food sources. However, we highly doubt you will want to eat yogurt or sauerkraut during your recovery– so a nice liquid probiotic supplement is the best alternative!


Overall, your body needs time to recover from a pesky intruder. Stay hydrated, rested, and take your liquid probiotics to help you bounce back faster!