acneAcne. The manifestation of teenage (and adult!) angst, stress, and worry. Unfortunately, unless you’re willing to drop major bucks on treatment, acne is pretty tough to get rid of. With some of the causes being out of our control- such as environment and hormones- it can get frustrating to wake up to blemishes that you can’t control. Or can you?

Possible ways to treat acne

When we see a zit, most of us go into fight-or-flight mode, picking away or covering up until we actually damage our skin. Instead of that approach, let’s try to treat our face like the rest of our body. When our body is sick, we treat it, hopefully with something natural, such as herbs or probiotics. So why can’t we do the same for our face? Probiotics work in our bodies by using good bacteria to combat the bad. If the cause of acne is bad bacteria, couldn’t we use probiotics for acne on our faces? Experts say: absolutely!

Probiotics for Acne

This isn’t a new idea; Prevention states that “in 1961, a case report found that of 300 acne patients given a probiotic, 80% had clinical improvement.” So why isn’t this stuff all over the shelves? Unfortunately, this type of treatment is more over-the-counter, and therefore doctors usually will refrain from using it. Also, the stigma around using “natural products” doesn’t seem to help when frantic teens and young adults are searching for acne relief quickly.

Possible Preventative Measures

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential to keeping a clear face; drink lots of water, exercise, and watch your sugar/fat intake, as these have an effect on our skin. If your acne seems worse than everyone else’s (which we assure you, it isn’t) then treatment may be the best option for you. Instead of using harsh chemicals that are bad for our faces and environments, try using probiotics for acne! Oral supplements are available for any budget and will help clean out any toxins in your body. Some topical treatments can be a little more expensive, but their reviews online are astounding! As stated before, 80% of individuals that use this type of treatment see very fast relief/improvement, so it’s worth a shot.


Remember: if you keep your gut clean, the rest of your body will follow.