A lot of buzz surrounds probiotics lately. The boom in research focusing on the good bacteria in our bodies raises a lot of questions for people.

Are probiotics good for you?
Of course!

Why should I take probiotics? 
Probiotics support your gut, where most of your immune system is.

Are there probiotics for babies?  
Yes, and with your doctor’s permission, they’re safe for your baby, and older kids too!

Probiotics For Babies Skin

An experiment looked at newborns’ to determine if delivery method was a factor in their health. They found that babies born vaginally had stronger immune systems. Good bacteria from mom coat the baby during delivery establishing a bacterial baseline for their immune systems.

Alright, let’s get to the down and dirty. When used as a topical treatment, probiotics may treat diaper rash. Diaper rash arises when bad bacteria from their waste rubbing against the skin on their bottoms. Applying probiotics brings in a balance of good bacteria, which may naturally reduce the diaper rash.

Probiotics For Babies To Eat

It seems like more and more children have allergies or asthma than before. Scientists say this is due to the over sterilization of a baby’s environment. Children receive less exposure to all types of bacteria than their parents did. Introducing a mixture of beneficial bacteria early may reduce chances of asthma or allergies. Probiotics also support immune systems. Ask your pediatrician if probiotics is a good fit for you and your baby to help you both stay healthier this cold and flu season.

Transitioning babies from an all milk diet to baby food, and finally to solid foods is tough. Sometimes their little digestive systems get thrown for a loop. One way to make the transition smoother, you guessed it, probiotics. Additionally, bringing balance to the bacteria in their tummies could soothe stomach aches or even colic.

As a first time parent, or seasoned pro there are lots of decisions you have to make concerning your baby. It’s important to remember to find out what’s right for you and your little one. If you want to know more about probiotics for babies and if they’re a good fit for your family talk with your doctor.

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