In our last blog in this series, we learned how probiotics have been found to potentially relieve gas and bloating†, as well as restore your natural balance of good bacteria in the gut†.  Had the sniffles or a cough lately? If so, you will be especially interested to learn about the next fact about probiotics and your body. Many people know about the potential digestive benefits reaped from probiotics, but did you know that these powerful microbes can impact your immune health, too?

PART 4 – †




In a previous blog about immune health, we learned how probiotics have exhibited promise for the treatment of various immune-related diseases. This spectrum of diseases is vast, but some identifiable ones include everything from allergies and eczema to viral infection. That said, we find it especially important to work probiotics into your regimen if you are taking or have recently taken an antibiotic as it could protect against antibiotic-induced diarrhea.

To learn more about probiotics and your health, tune in for parts V.,VI., and VII. 

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