pool-partyIt’s so close! The trees are getting greener, the sun is getting brighter, and… it’s getting hot. And we all know what that means: swimming at the pool! Whether you prefer water parks or pools, there is nothing more refreshing than jumping into a cool lagoon to beat the summer’s heat. Unfortunately, within those oases are some harsh chemicals aren’t so cool: chlorine and bromine.

Combating the Pool Chemicals

These chemicals, unfortunately, are very toxic to a person’s health. Although they assist in keeping the bad bacteria out of the pool, they also eliminate the good bacteria; the same process can transfer to you!

Now before you freak out and boycott pools and fun for the rest of your life, let us clarify: “toxic” does not always mean detrimental or deadly, sometimes it can mean that it is harmful in large doses, such as with chlorine and bromine. These two elements (found on the periodic table) are known for removing iodine from the body (an essential requirement for a well-functioning thyroid).

Pile on the Probiotics

Again, swimming all day-every day will not cause a completely shut down of your thyroid, but it can cause some damage over time. The best way to combat this is by making sure that you, your kids, and whoever else you will be swimming with has a good amount of iodine in their diet  before and after swimming. This preventative step will help keep your family healthy during the swimming season! Another option is seeking out utilizing probiotics before and after swimming. This will help balance your microbiome and keep the good and bad bacteria in your gut balanced to avoid getting sick.

Overall, the best way to avoid getting sick from too much chlorine or bromine is to counteract is with healthy antioxidants, probiotics, and iodine (found in a lot of fish). So go ahead and grill up some salmon, take a dip in the pool, and then sip your SCD Essential Probiotics to keep you happy and healthy all summer!


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