NASA recently launched a supply cargo into space for the International Space Station (ISS). Among the supplies were packets of specifically designed food. Some space foods have probiotic supplements added in to improve astronauts’ digestion and ability to absorb nutrients.

But, supplements added into Earth food then sent into space is just the beginning.

Probiotics in Space

Scientists are attempting to grow fruits and vegetables in space that are safe to eat. When space agriculture works, astronauts will have access to more nutrient rich foods. Food prepared for space travel loses nutrients during processing. Food loses nutrients the longer it is in space. Additionally, access to fresh produce adds variety to astronauts’ meals.

The ISS has a small garden on board where they grow a limited variety of veggies and flowers. The crew tests the growth and nutritional value of produce grown in the garden’s micro gravity. They want to find the best way to grow plants where there are no soil nutrients.

Tests are currently limited to the space station. Yet, space farming may be the key to colonizing Mars. Scientists cite the lack of healthy farming soils as a major (among a few) issue they need to tackle before sending people to Mars.

Now, we’re not saying you and a bottle of SCD Bio Ag will be making a trip to Mars anytime soon.  But one small step for microbial additives is one large step for mankind.

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