“Several years ago on Thanksgiving Day, I noticed a pain in my stomach, much like gas. I gave it no thought until it got worse. Long story short – about 2 ½ years later I still had the pain and it continued to get worse. Before it started, I had had a clean colonoscopy bill of health. After it started, I had two endoscopies, both of which were negative.

I finally got sick and tired of the pain so I started on a twice a day regimen of probiotics and thrice daily doses of Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel. Within about two weeks my pain was gone.

I was also having big time allergy problems with my chest and those seem to have hit the road too! They say that 90% of our immune system lives in the gut and I’m a firm believer!

I take another pro-b in pill form and it wasn’t until I started feeling better that I started taking your product, which I loved. Love the taste of it, and I like mixing up my pro-b strains.

So, I’m quite anxious to get a bottle that I can use!”

Debby Fleming-Mellor

“I’m enjoying it. And, I’ll tell you the best part. I told my kids it (SCD Essential Probiotics) is Kombucha concentrate – ready to mix, and I mixed my son up a bottle with water and he and his sister fought over it! Yes FOUGHT! So now they each get a glass a day. Good feeling.”
Jamaise Wilson

“It was delivered extremely quickly. Honestly, it’s the best probiotic I’ve used. I actually, on doctor’s recommendation, switch to VSL #3 for a couple of weeks. It was the only probiotic he recommended. After being on it for those 2 weeks, I started having digestive issues that SCD handled just fine. I switched back to the SCD product and my digestion was back to normal (well, normal for me) within 2 days. As for the taste some have commented on, I don’t find it overpowering and considering the benefits, have no problem living with it. That said, if you mix it with apple juice, you can barely tell it’s there. Well worth the buy, especially with it qualifying for Amazon Prime. I will continue to buy it in the future without a doubt.”
Jeremy M Griggs

“I was first introduced to SCD Essential Probiotics through friends. I’m so thankful they shared with me! For the last ten years, I have been working as a Flight Attendant. I can honestly say I have been healthier in the last 2 years since taking SCD than before! It says a lot about these probiotics since I am working in an environment that only has recycled air. I’m truly thankful to have implemented SCD Essential Probiotics into my life!”
Holly Hansen, Flight Attendant

“I am a big advocate of probiotics, especially having children. BUT after doing research, I know that this brand (SCD) is the best because it has actual live cultures and does not have to be refrigerated! This is great for traveling, I never go on a trip without it. I refuse to be stuck in a hotel on vacation with a stomach bug. As a family, we regularly take probiotics to keep healthy, even my kids. I put about a teaspoon in juice and give it to them in a little shot glass and call it their “juice medicine”. I highly recommend this brand.”
KC Mom

“Look no further because I love SCD Essential Probiotics® All Natural Liquid! It is so easy to include this product in your daily supplement routine. Best of all? It is loaded with beneficial bacteria, like L. Acidophilus, B. Longum, and B.Bifidum.”