Old Style FAQThis FAQ is especially near and dear to our heart. The reason why? Well, SCD Essential Probiotics® is made by a company comprised of real people, who really care. This Sunday, we wanted to tell you a little more about the company that makes this special probiotic.


Q. Who produces SCD Essential Probiotics®?

A. SCD Essential Probiotics is produced by SCD Probiotics®.

Matthew Wood founded SCD Probiotics® in 1998 . Matthew Wood’s interest in probiotics came about at the young age of 18, when his mother, an artist and founder of the Union Hill Arts Gallery in Kansas City, died of leukemia. Although the exact cause of the leukemia was unknown, Wood theorizes there were likely many factors to blame.

“I got into biology, agriculture, and health, because of what happened to my mother,” Wood says. “How we grow the food we put into our bodies and process the water we drink can affect our health, sometimes dramatically.”

To learn more about Matthew Wood and SCD Probiotics’ story , visit www.scdprobiotics.com.