To be clean, you’re gonna have to get a little dirty. Wait… what? You read that correctly; new studies are showing that good bacteria, called microbes, is not only in us but on us. We constantly have immunity to sickness and disease building up on our own skin cells! However, the biggest threat to the protection of the microbes is not some big scary thing (unless you’re 10 or younger) but a place of sanctity and peace for most people. That’s right: the shower.

The Shower’s Effects

As it turns out, showering everyday actually depletes our skin’s protection against germs — actual germs, not just the air — that we encounter in our daily lives. According to most dermatologists, one should shower every other day at the most. There are a few exceptions. You should shower daily:

  1. If you exercise daily
  2. If your work environment is outside in the elements/with animals or harmful chemicals
  3. If you have young children (0-3 years of age)
  4. If you are overweight or obese (as sweat cells accumulate more)
  5. If you suffer from acne or psoriasis

Save the Microbes!

Other than these exceptions, showering every other day really isn’t as necessary as you think. Most people by the end of the day are not dirty at all; the social construct of our society has dictated that showering every day is normal. Yet, there are major benefits to NOT showering everyday:

  1. You can keep your tan skin even longer, as the water and wash cloth won’t scrub away the tan layers of skin.
  2. Your hair will be healthier, as the natural oils will have time to sit and penetrate the roots and tips, helping to avoid split ends.
  3. You can kiss dry skin goodbye! Showering too often can dry out your skin, causing eczema, flaking/itching, or acne.
  4. IT SAVES THE PLANET. So many countries are without clean drinking water; wasting gallons a day on a shower that isn’t even needed contributes to that problem. Even cutting back shower time by 10 minutes a week can save up to 100 gallons of water. Think about it.

Turn off the Faucet!

In conclusion, your body needs these little microbes to keep itself healthy. So turn off the faucet! If you find that you are one of the exceptions to the “no showering” recommendation, you can replenish your lost microbes by taking a probiotic supplement, using probiotic beauty products or eating more fermented foods.