Weirdly enough, every part of our body is susceptible to some type of bacterial or fungal infection– especially our feet! Think about it– our feet touch gym floors, wet shoes, dirt: everything that can carry bad bacteria. Our feet also sweat A LOT, which can make our feet become a breeding ground for gross bacteria. What are we to do? As usual, many turn to spraying their feet with some pretty gnarly chemicals to “heal” them. But if we do that, we spray away the good bacteria too! In the classic SCD Probiotics way, we are taking a look at Probiotics and Podiatry.


Athlete’s Foot

This common fungal infection is caused by bad bacteria growing beneath and on top of a foot’s skin, letting bacteria grow rampant. It is called “athlete’s foot” because it is typical for an athlete’s sweaty foot to become infected.  A deadly fungus, chrytid, is killing millions of frogs worldwide.  A biologist from James Madison University discovered that probiotics could be used to defeat a deadly fungus similar to athelete’s foot killing millions of frogs worldwide.  Using a natural strain from the frogs’ environment, Pseudomonas, researchers found the probiotic works synergistically with the frogs’ own antimicrobial peptides to inhibit the deadly fungus.  Similarly for humans, applying a liquid probiotic topically could treat under the toenail and hard to reach places.  While there are some chemical-based remedies, probiotics have been shown to reduce if not diminish athlete’s foot. The good bacteria in the probiotics rid the foot of the bad bacteria, and therefore the infection!


Plantar Warts

Warts are NEVER fun. And what’s worse are the treatments– burning, icing, or even cutting them off are just some of the crazy options. Luckily, some studies have shown a decrease in the size of a plantar’s wart through the use of probiotics. No pain required! Topical treatment or supplemental treatment are both available to help fight off pesky warts!


Toenail Fungus

Despite the clue in it’s name, there is nothing “fun” about have this gross fungus under your toenails. In fact, it can be quite painful and can even make your toenails fall off! Yikes! Instead of reaching for a chemical spray, maybe try probiotics! Some researchers have decided that this fungal infection is easily treated by balancing out the toenail’s microbiome, making it fight off bad bacteria easier.


Probiotics and Podiatry — A new solution!

If you have stinky, dirty, or bumpy feet, it might be time to give probiotics a try! If you try a liquid probiotic, you can ingest it to support immunity, as well as apply it topically to the problem area.  With probiotics bacteria-balancing capabilities, it’s easy to go from “ew” to “awesome” in no time!  Go ahead and check out the strong connection between probiotics and podiatry!