Providing Organic Probiotic Technology for a Sustainable Future

What Inspired SCD Probiotics

SCD Probiotics was founded in 1998 by Matthew Wood. Wood’s interest in probiotics came about at the young age of 18 when his mother, an artist and founder of the Union Hill Arts Gallery in Kansas City, died of leukemia, cause unknown. Wood theorizes it was likely not one but many factors to blame. “I got into biology, agriculture, and health, because of what happened to my mother,” he says. “How we grow the food we put into our bodies and process the water we drink can affect our health, sometimes dramatically.”

The Early Start

Wood graduated with a BS in Soil Science from the University of Missouri and went on to earn a Master’s degree at the University of Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan, specializing in probiotics research. Wood then started SCD Probiotics from a garage. That shoestring operation has grown into an international success with dozens of employees and towering 76,000-gallon fermentation tanks based in Kansas City.

Where We Are Now

Today, SCD Probiotics is a life-sciences company researching, developing, and manufacturing natural probiotic products globally for a variety of human, animal, and environmental applications. For Wood, it’s been a rewarding journey as “now, with our technology, it helps improve our health and reduce pollution.”