It’s been a long day, and after getting home from work, there’s one thing on your mind: relaxation. That looks different for every one but most people can agree that some of the best ways to wind down are through delicious treats, such as chocolate and wine. Unfortunately, being the health-conscience person that you are, you can’t rationalize indulging every day…. or can you? Recent research has shown the benefits of wine and chocolate and how they can actually improve your health!



Chocolate and wine are full of antioxidants, or health-boosters, that can improve your immunity and even help with digestion. Chocolate specifically can provide energy and the boost your immunity needs to keep functioning properly. The wine, though not as much as chocolate, also increases immune function.


Aside from giving you a rush of endorphins, wine and chocolate can have an overall impact on how you feel emotionally. The antioxidants in both increase your health and therefore your mood. HOWEVER- alcohol is a depressant. Drinking too much can actually hurt your mood and cause depression and dependence. Only drink when you’re happy. Chocolate, however, can be eaten whenever. It contains serotonin, a natural anti-depressant.

Heart Health

It’s odd to think that something to delicious as wine or chocolate can actually be good for heart health, but research has been indicating a huge difference between the hearts of avid wine drinkers and those who stick to beer or hard liquors. Likewise, chocolate has the same effect, with helping to stimulate the blood stream and therefore support heart health. The antioxidants in both support heart function and blood flow and can help maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Gut Health

As odd as it sounds, both of these delicious treats contain probiotics, bacteria that is good for your gut. The gut controls most of the body’s functionality including immunity, digestion, and even mood. When chocolate and wine are ingested, the probiotics in them have been shown to help steady or improve these functions and more!

The Benefits of Wine and Chocolate

The next time you feel guilty reaching for a glass of wine or a few squares of chocolate, remember all the good it does! The benefits of wine and chocolate definitely outweigh the downsides (and the calories). Your body needs things like antioxidants, endorphins, and probiotics to function properly. Don’t hold back- consuming these scrumptious delights in moderation can help support your overall health!


Whether you choose a supplement or a food source for probiotics, there are a number of avenues available to help you make this healthy lifestyle change.