Don’t be howling from indigestion this Halloween! There are plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween, while promoting healthier digestion. The great news? These tips are easy to implement and designed to keep you feeling good in the days prior to Halloween and those that follow it.

Tips for Healthier Digestion


Whether you are helping the family get out and about or you are having some good adult fun, getting in the spirit of things and engaging in physical activity is a must – and it is fun! Exercise is one of the easiest ways to help prevent indigestion, so try trick-or-treating or finding other ways to get active. Interested in learning how exercise helps prevent indigestion? The way it works is simple: “Physical activity helps your body’s digestive system move things along and eliminate waste,” reports WebMD.

Limit Sugary Candy Intake 

In addition to getting some extra physical activity, be sure to practice good portion control when you are around the candy jar. Overloading on Halloween candy is a surefire way to suffer from indigestion. The reason for this is because an overabundance of sugar can result in an overproduction of mucus that lines the stomach. In effect, many people experience an increase of acid production, which acts as a precursor for conditions like acid reflux and/or heartburn.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

If you are planning on attending a Halloween party this year, think twice about your alcohol intake. Alcohol consumption disrupts your acid production, affecting stomach muscles and your nutrients intake. Because of this, it is not uncommon for individuals drinking alcohol to suffer from an array of digestive complications, most notably heartburn and diarrhea.

Introduce probiotic-based Food or Supplements

Probiotics are designed to promote healthy digestion and support regularity. With that said, the holiday season is a great time to introduce probiotic-rich food or a supplement, if you have not already done so. While certain probiotics are better geared for the treatment of specific conditions, research remains inconclusive about which strains help with diarrhea, IBS, acid reflux, and other digestive issues. As a rule of thumb, consult your doctor about which probiotic strains are best for your needs.

Halloween is just around the corner, which means we are almost amidst full-fledged holiday season.  While there are no foolproof tricks for “treating” free of indigestion this Halloween, making a few simple changes to your routine can help reduce your chances of indigestion-related discomfort.

For more great tips about healthy digestive practices and probiotics, be sure to stay tuned.