It’s only mid January, and we’re already crushing hard on 2016’s focus on vegetables. Centered around the “Let’s Go Clean in 2016” movement, we’ve seen a lot more recipes featuring vegetables that paint plates with vibrant shades of healthy. Not quite as excited as us just yet? We’ve got the details below.

Vegetable Recipes That Inspire

Bolder Flavor

We’ve always loved vegetables and sampling the flavors from around the world. The good news is that for like-minded foodies, you can expect a lot more global influence in recipes debuting in home cooks’ kitchens and restaurants.

“According to the National Restaurant Association, which surveys such trends, more chefs are going to be interested in African and Middle Eastern flavors, ethnic cuisines and condiments, and artisanal beverages,” reported Cape News.

By pairing otherwise plain, old veggies with the techniques and rich spices rooted in these ethnic cuisines, your palate can expect some serious play this year.

More Pulses

This next trend will complement vegetable-laden recipes well. Pulses, which include everything from chickpeas and lentils to dried bean varieties, are a natural pairing in vegetable recipes.

Often good sources of fiber and protein, pulses can transform veggie dishes into more balanced meals. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll enjoy the blending of different textures.

The SCD Probiotics 2016 Challenge

Because we’re already so excited about 2016’s emphasize vegetables and eating clean, we decided to take things one step further.

In 2016, we want to explore more ways to enjoy fermented vegetables. Yes, we love kimchi and sauerkraut for their great flavor and good-for-your-gut microbes. But we want to break beyond these mainstays and explore new vegetable recipes that incorporate fermentation.

If you find or create a recipe that does just that, share it in the comments or on our Facebook or Twitter.

Bon Appetite!