Remember back in January when you set that fitness goal and began a constant Googling of “ways to get fit”? Yeah, how’s that going?

The biggest issue with this “failure” is that it can leave us feeling out of control, defeated, and down-right lousy. It’s a vicious cycle– we set these goals to feel better about ourselves, but when we don’t exactly hit the mark, we feel even worse than when we started. And with the year beginning to wind down (the holidays will be here before you know it!), we may feel a little overwhelmed.


But, wait! There is hope (and time)!


We still have a good 5 months until the New Year, so why not make a new fitness goal? “And what makes you think I’ll stick to it this time?” Well, sassy pants, let me tell you– I have ways! Check out these easy ways to lose weight AND stick to it!


Don’t Diet

Dieting is the absolute worst. We eat well for a little while and then feel super guilty when we give into a temptation. Unfortunately, weight loss starts and end in the kitchen. But dieting is NOT the answer. Diets focus on cutting foods (usually carbs) which can help us lose weight super fast! But cutting carbs just is not sustainable. And that’s what we want– a sustainable diet. It’s all about balance.

Depriving yourself of sugar, carbs, and fats all together will make your body crave it all even more. To see the best results, just try eating everything in moderation. I promise, although it will take you longer to lose weight, sustainable diets are one of the best ways to get fit!


Create Incentives ($$$)

It sounds dumb, but research shows that people lose more weight when they have something else to lose or gain– such as money or possessions. When people create incentives to reward or punish themselves for certain tasks, they tend to dedicate themselves more. So perhaps try to create a goal and set up a reward for getting it (such as $20 from a workout partner) and a punishment for when you don’t (you lose $20). These goals will help you keep focused.


Plan Ahead

Do not assume that you can just walk into the gym or onto the track without a plan and see results. You need to do research, perhaps talk to a professional, and create a schedule you will stick to. Remember: cardio will only get you so far. You need to be doing a variety of exercising (low-pace and fast-pace) to see the best results. Plan your workouts, plan your progress, and plan where you want to be in a certain amount of time and watch the weight just fall off!


It can be intimidating to re-start your resolutions so late in the year, but with the tips above, you can achieve any weight loss goal you have! There are plenty of ways to get fit, but knowing your body and your mind is a great place to start!