spring-breakWith spring break just around the bend, we’re here with some travel tips in tow. Regularly traveling all over the world for business makes us globetrotters with some serious frequent flyer miles. We’re eager to share our knowledge with you, so we’ve outlined our own traveler’s checklist below.

Traveler’s Check List: Spring Break Essentials

Spring break is as much about staying health as it about having fun. Because without your health you won’t be able to do the fun stuff. Not to worry, though. We have you covered. With these tips, you’ll have lots of great memories to fill the pages of your scrapbook.

On the Plane…

  • Stay Hydrated – Dehydration is the enemy when you’re flying, and it can strike at any time. To stay well hydrated, be sure to drink lots of fluids, opting for H2O instead of sugary or alcoholic beverages.
  • Keep Legs Moving – Deep vein thrombosis, a condition that can cause a blood clot deep within the muscles, is a threat to people on long flights. To reduce your risk, keep your legs moving throughout the flight or connecting flights. And if you have a preexisting medical condition that increases your risk, talk to your physician and consider wearing compression socks.

On Vacation…

  • Supplement with probiotics – Traveler’s diarrhea can put the breaks on any vacation, spring break is no exception. To drive that idea home, consider that “A 2007 report found that probiotics lowered the risk of getting travelers’ diarrhea,” reported Web MD. Don’t throw in the beach towel just yet! Compelling research conducted about the effects of probiotics on travelers’ diarrhea prevention noted that strains like S. boulardii, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Bifidobacteria bifidum had the strongest impact.
  • Sleep – If you’re like us, you want to go, go, go on vacation. Take heed, though. Exposure to foreign microbes and allergens in combination with the physical toll of traveling makes your more susceptible to illness. As such, you must make time for sleep to stay healthy on your spring break.

Have Fun this Spring Break

Keeping these precautions in mind as you travel is a surefire way to set yourself up for spring break success. All that is left to do is begin your spring break adventure.

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